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Mechanical Consultancy
SICCES (P) Ltd. is a full service CAD Consulting and Software Development company from Lucknow India. Our offshore CAD consulting services include CAD design, CAD drafting, CAD drawing conversion (paper to CAD => mass conversion of hand drafted engineering drawings to electronic media), assembly to detail drawings, solid modeling and CAE. We have a well organized CAD development infrastructure, manpower and expertise to undertake huge volume of contract conversion jobs at shorter lead time. Our rates are affordable and the services we deliver are perhaps the best among the Indian CAD consulting companies. With the necessary hardware (scanner, plotteretc.), expertise, SICCES (P) Ltd. is the right choice, when it comes to outsourcing your CAD work.

Our expertise is in the following areas:

Electronic Drawing conversions
This is possibly the simplest and elementary of CAD functions which this group can support. Conversion of hand drafted drawings (available in paper format), to electronic CAD files (paper to CAD conversions) through a process of scanning and digitization, followed by editing in CAD environment.

Database Application areas involving AutoCAD
Interfacing of electronic drawings and the data associated with the entities to create a bi- directional editing & upgrading facility.

Drawing Management
  • Assembly drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Production drawings
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Parts lists and Bill of materials

Assembly drawing to Part drawing
Development of detail piece part manufacturing drawings from client's General Assembly drawing. Detailed stage-wise drawings to meet various purposes could be prepared on the basis of outline designs. For example outline designs of products and structures could be sent across to this group for development of detailed designs and drawings.

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