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Project Management Consultancy

Project Management consultancy in Lucknow

We provide the schedule information in the form of bar chart, PERT chart prepared on recognized planning software well accepted in construction industry. The schedule so prepared would have the capability to automatically update and reflect the change in dates and duration of activities and whole project, when the actual data as per site progress is entered. The consultant would submit the baseline plan in hard copy and provide the soft copy on demand.

The Schedule would be prepared by a skilled person conversant with the activities of building and related works and having ability to update the schedule as per site conditions /incorporating client comments.

Project Management Training in Lucknow

The following items would be executed to obtain the baseline plan and updated plan.

Collecting basic information about nature of project, proposed start date and completion time.
  • Site visit to study the site plan and logistics.
  • Identifying activities from BOQ , drawings or mutual discussions.
  • Creating WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
  • Sequencing of activities.
  • Estimating durations for activities.
  • Establish Logical relationship among activities.
  • Scheduling the project.
  • Locating the critical path.
  • Incorporating comments and setting baseline.
  • Updating the schedule on agreed Report .Generation
  • Reporting the change in key dates.
  • Revising the program after incorporating comments and submit.
  • Updation of Project & report generation.

Sample Reports
1 Bar Chart (CPM Chart) of G+2 Building
2. Network Flow Diagram ( PERT Chart) of G+2 Building
3 Bar Chart (CPM Chart) of G+3 Building
4. Network Flow Diagram ( PERT Chart) of G+3 Building
5. Cash Flow Report
6. S Curve
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